“My experience with Auto Transporter was easy and overall, great!  If you’re looking for a car shipping company to move you car across the country or even locally I highly suggest them.  They’ve moved two of my cars already, to my daughter’s college in Virginia, and my second home in Arizona.  All the moves were simple and didn’t break the bank.  Highly recommended, and I’ll continue to use Auto Transporter every time I need to move my car.” – Sue F.

“I’d only heard horror stories about hiring auto transport companies to move vehicles, with people often citing uncompensated damage and slow pick and delivery.  I asked one of my friends who often has his car moved as he is retired and shifts between two homes quite frequently, for his recommendation.  He suggested Auto Transporter, and ensured me that they wouldn’t put me through some of the horror stories others had told me about.  Simply put, he was right.  My car was picked up on time and delivered on time, with absolutely no damage.  I’m nothing but happy with my experience!” – Carroll T.

“I found Auto Transporter via a search on Google and filled out their quote form on the home page.  To my surprise, they got back to me very quickly, and their customer service rep was able to answer all my questions quickly (my questions were detailed).  I was impressed and decided to go with their service even though it wasn’t the cheapest quote I got.  I’m happy I did, as my car, which was in pristine condition and I care for immensely, was shipped to my new home in perfect condition.  They did a great job and were friendly the entire way.  No complaints!” – Jerry S.

“My shipping experience with Auto Transporter was definitely a positive one.  My automobile was shipped on an open carrier, and when I went to pick it up it had some slight paint chips on the rear bumper due to rocks flying up and hitting it.  I reported this to Auto Transporter’s claim agent, and he ensured they would compensate and fix the damage within two weeks since it happened on their watch.  They stuck to their word and my car is back to normal.  There was a hiccup along the way, but they handled it with complete professionalism and I commend them for that.  Great company!” – Tony L.

“Auto Transporter has staffed an extremely competent crew.  Shipping my truck got a little difficult due to some weather conditions, but they were able to give me a detailed plan of what route and time frame was going to be need to ship my truck successfully.  The schedule and planning worked out, and my truck arrived to my home within a few days – much quicker than I expected.  I recommend Auto Transporter to all my friends, family, and colleagues to anyone that is need of moving their vehicles.  ” – Carlos M.