Open Transport

Open transport is by far the most common method of auto transportation.  You’ll see many carriers on the freeway moving cars from one side of the country to the other.  This method of auto transportation, when provided by us, is affordable and reliable.

What is Open Auto Transport?

open-transport2Open auto transport is a method of automobile transport in which cars and trucks are shipped a carrier that is not enclosed.  The carrier is exposed to the outside elements; however, damage from this is extremely rare.  This method is very efficient for carriers and companies, and therefore much more affordable for customers.  It allows cars to be shipped in bulk, typically from terminal to terminal (sometimes door to door shipping is available).  Our open carriers transport nationally, and integrate with our ships to provide international shipping solutions as well.  Wherever your vehicle needs to go, we can take it on one of our state of the art open trailers.

Benefits of Open Transport

There are many benefits to shipping you car or truck via an open trailer.

Open transport is:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Safe (besides possible damage from road/elements)

Although open transport is typically a damage free experience, small damages can be caused due to rocks on the road, extreme cold and heat, sand, animals, and theft.  These occurrences are rare; however, there is the slight possibility of them happening.  If you’re shipping an exotic, super, or expensive car, we suggest our enclosed trailer to ship.


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