Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport is the ultimate solution if you wish to move a more expensive vehicle without the worrying of whether your car will be damaged or undamaged.  It is more expensive; however, it is the most personalized and secure service we offer. 

What is enclosed transport?

Enclosed transport is our clients’ favorite when it comes to moving classic cars, sports cars, exotic cars, and anything expensive.  Our enclosed trailers are state of the art, only using the newest technologies to secure and transport your vehicles in order to ensure that it is transported safely and on-time.  Many auto auctions use our enclosed trailers to ship purchased vehicles directly to a bidder’s home to ensure that the vehicle arrives in pristine condition.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured so that there is no need to worry on our clients end if any rare accident occurs.

Our enclosed transport carrier drivers are extremely qualified, as we know that our clients are typically shipping expensive and rare vehicles through this service.  Our drivers go through extensive background checks and interviews in order to make sure they have the necessary experience and reliability to ship some of the  most expensive and rare vehicles on Earth.

Why enclosed transport?

As you may have guessed, we recommend enclosed transport to those who are moving high-end cars.  Our clients typically include car dealerships, auto auctions, and individuals.  If you need to have your vehicle moved from one location to another, maintained in pristine condition, enclosed transport is the right method for you.


For more information on enclosed transport, give us a call or fill out our quote form!  Our sales team is waiting for your call!