Car Shipping – What you need to know!

This is a guide for the first time, “newbie”, car shippers out there.  There are a few things to know before selecting an auto transport company and what to do once you select one.


How to choose a company

There are a lot of car shipping companies out there, so finding one that’ll do the job at the right price can be a daunting task.  Many of these sites have quote forms and numbers you can call to get more information and prices.  An important thing to inquire about is their insurance and damage claim policy.  This can save you a lot of trouble if something happens to your vehicle during the transport process.

Another thing to check out is their reviews.  Read their testimonials page and investigate other review sites online.  Also, make sure their drivers are qualified by reading about their selection process (this should be somewhere on the website).


What to do before pick up


Before you have your car shipped, it is important to do a few things to prepare it.  Make sure to clean your car and then proceed to do a thorough inspection, noting any preexisting damages.  This will help you if any damage occurs during transportation.  Also, make sure to remove all valuables from your vehicle.  This could include any small personal items to an expensive car radio.  Although extremely rare, it is possible for theft to occur if you’re transporting your vehicle via open carrier.  Also, be sure to disable your car alarm.  Your car alarm will only cause issues for your driver if it is accidentally set off.


Ready to ship?

Congratulations!  You’ve found a good company to ship your car!  If you transport via open carrier it is likely your car will be delivered to a local terminal for pickup and if you’ve transported via enclosed carrier, it will be delivered to your door!


If you’d like to give Auto Transport a try, give us a call or fill out our quote form.  Our sales team is awaiting your call or email!

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